Vinyl + Blech IV



Claus van Bebber / Paul Hubweber - Vinyl + Blech IV

1. Mental Boogie Express 2:46
2. Hupen & Tuten 4:48
3. Schrumpfende Dingwelt 3:18
4. Scherbengerücht 3:26
5. Blues 5:02
6. Romor 4:39
7. Hit 4:23
8. Cathedrale Shuffle 5:17
9. Das Gaul Geschenk 6:44
Total time 40:38

Listen to a 45 second soundfile of this release (~95kB).



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NRZ 11-05


Certain improvisers and sound artists, probably more gifted with ability in the public relation department, seem destined to be considered luminous geniuses even when they produce utter shit. On the opposite pole, people like Van Bebber and Hubweber keep releasing music that's humorous, intelligent and, in a way, addictive (I listened to this CD thrice in a few hours, each time discovering new funny particulars) but they remain confined in the realms of neverheardness, except for a few knowledgeable loonies who enjoy what they do. As suggested by the title, this is the fourth instalment of a series born in 1998, coming in a square metal box with delicious internal artwork including the disc itself, which looks like a vinyl record (this edition is limited to 50 copies, ladies and gentlemen, so hurry up). "Vinyl + Blech IV" is deranged turntablism-cum-electrified instrument at the highest degree of unpredictability: think about a


crazed Christian Marclay dialoguing with the animals in a zoo rather than exchanging loops with Jeck or Schaefer. Van Bebber's skipping records create interlocking patterns and spastic spirals that, in their clownish wryness, find a way to become the necessary access key to a warped soundclashing nirvana. Hallucinated mantras and foggy rumbles are nicely turned to account by Hubweber who, besides being an active manipulator himself, adds a few absurd trombone lines to give the music even more nuances of degradation. Should these guys be selected for sound installations or gallery soundtracks somewhere in England, London Bridge is likely to fall down for real this time. 

Massimo Ricci at Touching Extremes 2-2007